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UK market study for the Aqualogy Energy efficiency offer
Barquilla, Sandy
Cortina Pallás, José Luís
For ethical and economic reasons, it is essential to optimise the energy consumption of a waste water treatment plant. Indeed, a WWTP is a very high energy consumer: innovative technologies need to be implemented regularly. The concept of energy efficiency, which gathers all the actions and systems that can be implemented to optimise the energy consumption, fits perfectly the framework of water networks. As an expert in water engineering, Aqualogy has an energy efficiency offer in its portfolio that includes several products and services. This project is aimed to understand the energy efficiency offer and to find out how to adapt it to the UK market. First of all, the project describes all the processes of the urban water cycle, including the operation of a WWTP. This part of the project is focused particularly on how an aeration system operates, since it is the highest energy consumer in a waste water treatment plant. Secondly, each product of the Aqualogy’s energy efficiency offer is presented: what is the product? How does it work? How can the customer benefit from it? Once the offer is globally explained, market studies are executed for each product of the offer to see if it can be profitable to implement them in the UK. The last part of the project is a very detailed market study of one specific product of the energy efficiency offer. It is a platform to optimise the aeration system in WWTPs, developed by Aqualogy’s partner Sisltech. The market study highlights the technical characteristics of the product, establishes the customer profile for this product, explains the economical assessment and finalises with an analysis about the competitors, their strengths and weaknesses with respect to Aqualogy’s product. After the 6month project, the aeration system offer is ready for the UK market: the technical aspects of the product are well understood, and several customers are already identified and interested in the product.
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Àrees temàtiques de la UPC::Energies::Gestió de l’energia::Demanda i consum energètics
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Water -- Purification -- Energy consumption
Sewage disposal plants
Water -- Purification -- Energy consumption
Aigües residuals -- Plantes de tractament
Aigua -- Depuració -- Consum d’energia
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

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