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Diseño de un sistema de radiocomunicaciones privadas para dar servicio multimedia a instalaciones de alta montaña en el Pirineo (Vall d’Aran)
Ferro Rodríguez, Xavi
Alonso Zárate, Luis Gonzaga
Today radio systems that are being implemented are digital. Every time we find more companies that choose to adapt to the current technology and the benefits are significant, solve problems and improve communications reliability. Digital radio systems are widespread and whether in business areas such as taxi drivers, firefighters, local police, etc. In this project, planning a system of private digital radio (PMR) is studied in a specific area of the Catalan Pyrenees to support emergency services and rescue of a ski resort, in particular to provide communications functions between employees center such as pisters, carriers and employees using snow-grooming machines. The objective of this TFC is a real need for a client company BAQUEIRA / BERET in the Pyrenees of the Vall d' Aran , which is dedicated to the tourism sector of the ski, also offers a variety of activities in a high mountain area of over 1,922 hectares. The customer is given the plan and design a digital radio system to improve the quality of service on site. The system must be able to work on open network mode, and the new digital system must be able to coexist with the previous analog. The proposal made and developed in this project is a radio system brand called ICOM (IDAS) in VHF band. The main reasons for choosing this system were: · The network topology . This system uses a voting configuration that provides automatic roaming, it facilitates user mobility throughout the coverage area of the center without changing the channel manually. · Low installation costs. · A low level of equipment maintenance . The project is based on the ICOM products and have had the support and cooperation of the manufacturer . We have developed a reliable and economical solution that meets customer needs and the possibility of further extension . Once the planning and design field measurements were performed to assess the feasibility and reliability of the complete system.
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