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Appropriate IPRs, Human Capital Composition and Economic Growth
Manca, Fabio
We generalize a standard technology diffusion model by allowing for IPRs regimes to be endogenously defined by the development level of each country. Also we insert differences in the composition of human capital between North (leader) and South (followers) which shape the relative costs of innovation and imitation. Results show how an optimal growth trajectory is found for the follower country which initially imitates and that, once a "threshold development stage" is reached, optimally switches to innovation by fully enforcing IPRs achieving a higher proximity with the technology frontier in the long-run. Other scenarios, such as a premature increase in the enforcement of IPRs or a switch from imitation to innovation at early stages of development of the followers are found to be sub-optimal.
Recursos humans
Creixement econòmic
Transferència de tecnologia
Innovacions tecnològiques
Human capital
Economic growth
Technology transfer
Technological innovations
cc-by-nc-nd, (c) Manca, 2009
Working Paper
Universitat de Barcelona. Institut de Recerca en Economia Aplicada Regional i Pública

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