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Urban fringe renewal with urban catalysts elements: connections in an unconnected area
Yanru, Yang
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Departament de Projectes Arquitectònics; González Raventos, Aquiles
Based on Santa Coloma as a main case,analyzing how can be update there in this crisis situation to do suitable interventions to achieve a great effect. After analyzing the Santa Coloma area,I pay attention to its urban marginality.It has the territorial marginality,the marginality of the relationship with Barcelona,the marginality of the people and life style and so on. Urban fringe is corresponding the city center, the city of mainstream.The socalled "fringe" can be understand at least contain the following meaning:Urban border space , the fringe people of the crowd , the fringe life style, it can be adjusted on the political significance of urban public about the organization and allocation of resources,it also can be about the relationship of the border between the city and urban development , the relationship between the urban and natural environment. The attention to its urban marginality actual is a determination and also a orientation to the situation of Santa Coloma.Make it easer to find the characteristics of this area,and then find a suitable relationship with Barcelona even with other cities,and also is good for find the form of its renewal. For Santa Coloma,it is an area multicultural,energetic,close to nature and also clutter and messy,they think is a place that easer to live than other city place but lack of sense of local self-identity,maybe also themselves;For “Barcelona person”,Santa Coloma is an area where there is an Ikea and can ride bike but full of immigrants and maybe not safely;And for the Chinese people who live in Barcelona,Fondo is a metro station where can find many of Chinese restaurants and commodities but far from the city center,In addition to this,sometimes in the area of Badalona there are more chooses.So for each group of people,Santa Coloma is not a place very good and essential.But actually,when i have being go there many times,i really think its a attractive place. So for renewal of this fringe area,i think at first the most important thing is to establish a “spiritual center”,a place can make people who live here produce a sense of identity and deposit “collective memory”[2] which is mentioned in the Rossi’s .Second,is make more connections between Santa Coloma and Barcelona even between other cities and Santa Coloma to offer more opportunity and make more possible to let each other to flow.And then,is the connection of inner Santa Coloma. So in this situation of the city fringe renewal i think its good to introduce the concept of “Urban catalysts”[1]which is the concept of the book ,to make a responds and explain to my proposal to the Santa Coloma. And also with the project of 5th student is very interesting,we can see different attitudes to the same place.And also its a comparing with my attitude to this area.
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Urban renewal -- Spain -- Santa Coloma de Gramenet
Sociology, Urban -- Spain -- Santa Coloma de Gramenet
Urban fringe
Urban marginality
Catalyst elements
Spiritual center
Rehabilitació urbana -- Catalunya -- Santa Coloma de Gramenet
Sociologia urbana -- Catalunya -- Santa Coloma de Gramenet
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Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

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