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Cartilage Appearance Using an Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope.
Suso Vergara, Santiago; Segur Vilalta, Josep M.; Carbonell, Jose A.; Manero, Jose M.; Planell, J. A. (Josep Anton)
Universitat de Barcelona
Because of technical principles, samples to be observed with electron microscopy need to be fixed in a chemical process and exposed to vacuum conditions that can produce some changes in the morphology of the specimen. The aim of this work was to obtain high-resolution images of the fresh articular cartilage surface with an environmental scanning electron microscope (ESEM), which is an instrument that permits examination of biological specimens without fixation methods in a 10 Torr chamber pressure, thus minimizing the risk of creating artifacts in the structure. Samples from weight-bearing areas of femoral condyles of New Zealand white rabbits were collected and photographed using an ESEM. Images were analyzed using a categorization based in the Jurvelin classification system modified by Hong and Henderson. Appearance of the observed elevations and depressions as described in the classification were observed, but no fractures or splits of cartilage surface, thought to be artifacts, were detected. The ESEM is a useful tool to obtain images of fresh articular cartilage surface appearance without either employing fixation methods or exposing the specimen to extreme vacuum conditions, reducing the risk of introducing artifacts within the specimen. For all these reasons it could become a useful tool for quality control of the preservation process of osteochondral allografting in a bank of musculoskeletal tissues.
Microscòpia electrònica d'escombratge
Bancs de teixits
Scanning electron microscopy
Tissue banks
(c) Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., 2004
Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.

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