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Automatic fault monitoring of an automative device under EMC immunity test by driver interface canoe;
Automatic fault monitoring of a project under test by driver interface canoe;
Automatización del proceso de monitorización de fallos para un dispositivo de automoción bajo un test de immunidad mediante interface con canoe;
Automatizació de la monitorizació d'un component d'automoció en assaig d’immunitat electromagnètica.
Sanz Peramarch, Joan
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Departament d'Enginyeria Electrònica; Teruel Morgades, Marc; Silva Martínez, Fernando
The electronics in the automotive sector is a reality for years. Smarter vehicles have units capable of improving both comfort and safety for users. One of the maxims is to ensure the robustness of these devices against internal and external interference. In some cases, when a device is working, you can generate interference that altering devices around behavior. En devices, external interference, as the name suggests, come from external devices to vehicle components, such as mobile phones. Precisely the project focuses on such tests, which is involved both laboratory department, as the department Hardware. Most of these are performed within the same company. With the development of the project has managed to move from completely manual to an automated system. Before that, it was necessary to have a laboratory technician performing immunity tests which consisted of a series of monitors that visualized the state panel loads. Now, by CAN bus communication, you can configure the test conditions required. Once configured, they send interference RF to the device in order to compare status of the output signals with a user-defined pattern. Thus, it is known whether the signals are affected by RF interference, a result, the new system reduces the time of test, and also the economic cost of using these facilities. On the other hand, improves the reliability of the results extracted in the test.
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EMC immunity test
Electronica Automóvil
Ensayos de inmunidad electromagnética
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Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

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