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Economic impact of the 2014 Fifa World Cup in Brazil
Tortras Raventós, Pol
de Oliveira Filho, Francisco Adones
Brazil will hold one of the biggest sport events in the world. The World Cup will suppose a big change for the Brazilian society, and at the same time, the vision that the world has of Brazil. This hug event will need the participation of the Brazilian state governments in order to guarantee the insurance and quality of life of the population and also of the visitors. The government will provide the investment necessary in the World Cup but also a big part will come from the private sector. The companies involved in this event will help in the reconstruction and renovation of the stadiums that will hold matches. The Cup will begin on 12 of June of 2014 and will last until 13 of July of 2014. The big question that everyone is asking is if the Cup will be good or bad for the country. In this study I will try to find the biggest impacts of the event and their repercussions with the porpoise of predict witch will be the situation after the World Cup in the economic aspect. To do this searching is it necessary to contrast different fonts to have an idea of the different opinions of the habitants of Brazil. It’s necessary to be very objective to don’t let get the influence of any subjective opinion. So, basically, the fundamental objective of the this study is to get in a objective way witch will be the impact of the World Cup in order to discover if is it going to be good or bad for Brazil.
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World Cup (Soccer) (2014 : Brazil)
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Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya;
Universidade de Fortaleza

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