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A feed-forward spiking model of shape-coding by IT cells
Romeo Val, August; Supèr, Hendrik Anne
Universitat de Barcelona
The ability to recognize a shape is linked to figure-ground (FG) organization. Cell preferences appear to be correlated across contrast-polarity reversals and mirror reversals of polygon displays, but not so much across FG reversals. Here we present a network structure which explains both shape-coding by simulated IT cells and suppression of responses to FG reversed stimuli. In our model FG segregation is achieved before shape discrimination, which is itself evidenced by the difference in spiking onsets of a pair of output cells. The studied example also includes feature extraction and illustrates a classification of binary images depending on the dominance of vertical or horizontal borders.
Escorça cerebral
Membranes cel·lulars
Cerebral cortex
Cell membranes
cc-by (c) Romeo, A. et al., 2014
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