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Approximation to the theory of affinities to manage the problems of the groupping process
Gil Lafuente, Anna Maria; Klimova, Anna
Universitat de Barcelona
New economic and enterprise needs have increased the interest and utility of the methods of the grouping process based on the theory of uncertainty. A fuzzy grouping (clustering) process is a key phase of knowledge acquisition and reduction complexity regarding different groups of objects. Here, we considered some elements of the theory of affinities and uncertain pretopology that form a significant support tool for a fuzzy clustering process. A Galois lattice is introduced in order to provide a clearer vision of the results. We made an homogeneous grouping process of the economic regions of Russian Federation and Ukraine. The obtained results gave us a large panorama of a regional economic situation of two countries as well as the key guidelines for the decision-making. The mathematical method is very sensible to any changes the regional economy can have. We gave an alternative method of the grouping process under uncertainty.
Lògica borrosa
Anàlisi de conglomerats
Fuzzy logic
Cluster analysis
(c) COMSIS Consortium, 2012
COMSIS Consortium

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