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Improvement of a of quality incident information system in a manufacturing setting
Rosero Ruiz, David Mauricio
Olivella Nadal, Jordi
[ENGLISH] The present document contents the analysis of the Quality incident information system that is currently implemented on a manufacturing company of the automotive field, FAURECIA Automotive Exteriors, in order to find weaknesses and strenghts on the response process to customer in terms of quality of final product and efficiency when a nonconforming part appears. In order to recognize and point out the steps of the current process that are making inefficient the information system flow, Lean management and Six Sigma principles are applied; those principles had demonstrated to work with high efficiency in companies around the world in the last years, which is why they are the chosen methods to be used. On the way of applying the mentioned methods, RDMAIC analysis is done, where a recognition and definition of current process is described, then variables as time on each step, motion and transport of information are measured in order to be analized and find possible improvements; through this analysis, Lean management tools are integrated, such Value Stream Mapping, 14 Toyota Production principles and Seven wastes. At the end, after doing the analysis, the implementation of a new tool is proposed, which carries out with a modification of current process to make it as efficient as possible; should be noted that a reduction of time of 96,32% could be accomplished with this new process, which is a considerable decrease of response time to client, generating customer fiability and optimizing budget wasting in the company by decreasing reworks or scrap of final product.
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