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Developmental Readiness in the Understanding of Own and Other’s False Beliefs
Amadó Codony, Anna; Serrat Sellabona, Elisabet; Sidera Caballero, Francesc
Filosofia de la ment
Philosophy of mind
Attribution 3.0 Spain
Hindawi Publishing Corporation

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Sidera Caballero, Francesc; Serrat Sellabona, Elisabet; Serrano Ortiz, Jèssica; Rostán Sánchez, Carles; Caño, Agnès; Amadó Codony, Anna
Serrat Sellabona, Elisabet; Sidera Caballero, Francesc; Rostán Sánchez, Carles; Amadó Codony, Anna
Sidera Caballero, Francesc; Amadó Codony, Anna
Amadó Codony, Anna; Serrano Ortiz, Jèssica; Sidera Caballero, Francesc; Feijóo, Sara