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A subalpine rangeland bird community before and after fire: prescribed burning in the Eastern Pyrenees
Pons Ferran, Pere
Ocells -- Protecció
Birds -- Conservation
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Institut Català d'Ornitologia

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Roura i Pascual, Núria; Pons Ferran, Pere; Etienne, Michel; Lambert, Bernard
Rost Bagudanch, Josep; Pons Ferran, Pere; Bas Lay, Josep Maria
Roura i Pascual, Núria; Suárez, Andrew V.; McNyset, Kristina; Gómez López, Crisanto; Pons Ferran, Pere; Touyama, Yoshifumi; Wild, Alexander L.; Gascón, Ferran; Peterson, A. Townsend
Rost Bagudanch, Josep; Jardel-Peláez, E. J.; Bas Lay, Josep Maria; Pons Ferran, Pere; Loera, J.; Vargas-Jaramillo, S.; Santana, E.