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A spatio-temporal Poisson hurdle point process to model wildfires
Serra Saurina, Laura; Sáez Zafra, Marc; Mateu, Jorge; Juan Verdoy, Pablo; Varga Linde, Diego
Wildfires have been studied in many ways, for instance as a spatial point pattern or through modeling the size of fires or the relative risk of big fires. Lately a large variety of complex statistical models can be fitted routinely to complex data sets, in particular wildfires, as a result of widely accessible high-level statistical software, such as R. The objective in this paper is to model the occurrence of big wildfires (greater than a given extension of hectares) using an adapted two-part econometric model, specifically a hurdle model. The methodology used in this paper is useful to determine those factors that help any fire to become a big wildfire. Our proposal and methodology can be routinely used to contribute to the management of big wildfires
Incendis forestals -- Prevenció i control
Forest fires -- Prevention and control
Models economètrics
Econometric models
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