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Characterization of PV technology over roofs and their constraints for a geographical analysis
Ullah, S.M. Safayet
Domínguez, Javier; Silvestre Bergés, Santiago
This work is focussed on the characterization of PV technology over roofs and their constraints for a geographical analysis. The objectives of the work are to calculate the available roof surface area of the city Miraflores de la Sierra and to calculate the power and energy that can be produced by using solar pv technologies using available roof surface area of the city. To find out the available area of Miraflores, at first the arcGIS is used to get the flat roof surface area. From the flat roof surface area, inclined roof surface area is calculated. Different type of constrains also considered to get the available roof surface area. After getting the available roof surface area, power and energy is calculated using different type of solar pv technologies. All the area of the roof top is calculated of the city of miraflores. all the 1883 houses are considered in this project including all the main urban area and remaining urban area. At first the roofs are considered as flat roof and later inclined roof surface area is calculated using formula. The available roof surface area for solar pv installation is 28212.35 m2. In the city of miraflores, all the houses are inclined. So, to calculate the energy and power potential, it is very important to know the global radiation on tilted surface of the area. But, lack of the weather data of the city, the weather data of Madrid is considered and calculated. Annual global radiation on 20 degree tilted surface result is 4.64 kWh/m2day With a efficiency of 22.9% solar pv technologies( Si mono crystalline), annual energy output is 8177992kWh and the potential power output is 934 kW. Using a lower efficiency of 8.20% solar pv technologies Si(thin film polycrystalline), annual energy output is 2599050kWh and the potential power output is 297 kW.
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Photovoltaic power systems
Centrals solars fotovoltaiques
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Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

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