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Viabilitat i rendiment d'un sistema d'informació geogràfica en dispositius mòbils per realitzar càlculs LCP en zona de muntanya sense connexió de xarxa
Sosa i Sesma, Sergio
The aim of this research paper is to present a macroscopic study about the feasibility and the efficiency of mobile devices in computing Least-Cost Path (LCP). This kind of artifact must work in off-line mode and must allow to load data from a mountain zone like digital terrain models and meteorological data.The research strategy has two steps:- First of all, we need to identify the set of software components in order to implement them inside the IT artifact. This set of components should have to be able to do LCP calculations, visualize results and present a well adapted human interface. The main goal of this first steep is to demonstrate the feasibility of a mobile geographic information system by following the ¿Design & Creation¿ research strategy.- In a second time, the goal is to evaluate the reliability and usability of this IT artifact by an ¿Experiments¿ research approach. In this step we want to characterize the behavior of the artifact in terms of fidelity and LCP process speed. This evaluation will be carried out by some external users.During the reading of this paper, we will see that this kind of geographic information system (the IT artifact) has the minimal requirements needed to carry out LCP calculations in mobile devices although it has several limitations and constraints in terms of useability and reliability. We will point out qualitative and quantitative elements related to the IT artifact performances while doing this kind of computations.
Least-Cost Path
Mobile Devices
Master thesis
Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

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