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Electrochemical synthesis of mesoporous CoPt nanowires for methanol oxidation
Serrà, Albert; Montiel Argaiz, Manuel; Gómez, Elvira; Vallés Giménez, Elisa
A new electrochemical method to synthesize mesoporous nanowires of alloys has been developed. Electrochemical deposition in ionic liquid-in-water (IL/W) microemulsion has been successful to grow mesoporous CoPt nanowires in the interior of polycarbonate membranes. The viscosity of the medium was high, but it did not avoid the entrance of the microemulsion in the interior of the membrane"s channels. The structure of the IL/W microemulsions, with droplets of ionic liquid (4 nm average diameter) dispersed in CoPt aqueous solution, defined the structure of the nanowires, with pores of a few nanometers, because CoPt alloy deposited only from the aqueous component of the microemulsion. The electrodeposition in IL/W microemulsion allows obtaining mesoporous structures in which the small pores must correspond to the size of the droplets of the electrolytic aqueous component of the microemulsion. The IL main phase is like a template for the confined electrodeposition. The comparison of the electrocatalytic behaviours towards methanol oxidation of mesoporous and compact CoPt nanowires of the same composition, demonstrated the porosity of the material. For the same material mass, the CoPt mesoporous nanowires present a surface area 16 times greater than compact ones, and comparable to that observed for commercial carbon-supported platinum nanoparticles.
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cc-by (c) Serrà, Albert et al., 2014
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Serrà, Albert; Montiel Argaiz, Manuel; Gómez, Elvira; Vallés Giménez, Elisa
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