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Efficient Enabling of Real Time User Modeling in On-line Campus
Caballé Llobet, Santi; Xhafa, Fatos; Daradoumis Haralabus, Atanasi; Fernández, Raul
Distributed, Parallel and Collaborative Systems. DPCS
Educational technology
Web-based instruction -- Study and teaching (Higher)
Education, Higher -- Computer-assisted instruction
Tecnologia educativa
Ensenyament virtual -- Ensenyament universitari
Ensenyament universitari -- Ensenyament assistit per ordinador
Tecnología educativa
Enseñanza virtual -- Enseñanza universitaria
Enseñanza universitaria -- Enseñanza asistida por ordenador
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Xhafa, Fatos; Fernández, Raul; Daradoumis Haralabus, Atanasi; Barolli, Leonard; Caballé Llobet, Santi
Xhafa, Fatos; Daradoumis Haralabus, Atanasi; Barolli, Leonard; Fernández, Raul; Caballé Llobet, Santi; Kolici, Vladi
Xhafa, Fatos; Barolli, Leonard; Fernández, Raul; Daradoumis Haralabus, Atanasi
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