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jxSensor: a sensor network integration layer for JXTA
Domingo Prieto, Marc; Vilajosana Guillén, Xavier; Arnedo Moreno Matsuo, Joan
Nowadays, Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) arealready a very important data source to obtain data about the environment. Thus, they are key to the creation of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS). Given the popularity of P2P middlewares as ameans to efficiently process information and distribute services, being able to integrate them to WSN¿s is an interesting proposal. JXTA is a widely used P2P middleware that allows peers to easily exchange information, heavily relying on its main architectural highlight, the capability to organize peers with common interests into peer groups. However, right now, approaches to integrate WSNs to a JXTA network seldom take advantage of peer groups. For this reason, in this paper we present jxSensor, an integrationlayer for sensor motes which facilitates the deployment of CPS¿s under this architecture. This integration has been done taking into account JXTA¿s idiosyncrasies and proposing novel ideas,such as the Virtual Peer, a group of sensors that acts as a single entity within the peer group context.
sensor mote
Cyber-Physical System
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