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Securing dynamic itineraries for mobile agent applications
Borrell Viader, Joan; Robles Martínez, Sergi; Garrigues Olivella, Carles
In this paper we present a novel mechanism for the protection of dynamic itineraries for mobile agent applications. Itineraries that are decided as the agent goes are essential in complex applications based on mobile agents, but no approach has been presented until now to protect them. We have conceived a cryptographic scheme for shielding dynamic itineraries from tampering, impersonation and disclosure. By using trust strategically, our scheme provides a balanced trade-off between flexibility and security. Our protection scheme has been thought always bearing in mind a feasible implementation, and thus facilitates the development of applications that make use of it. An example application based on a real healthcare scenario is also presented to show its operation.
Distributed applications
Mobile agents
Dynamic itineraries
aplicaciones distribuidas
agentes móviles
itinerarios dinámicos
agents mòbils
itineraris dinàmics
aplicacions distribuïdes
Journal of Network and Computer Applications

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