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A Fair and Secure Cluster Formation Process for Ad Hoc Networks
Rifà Pous, Helena; Herrera Joancomartí, Jordi
An efficient approach for organizing large ad hoc networks is to divide the nodesinto multiple clusters and designate, for each cluster, a clusterhead which is responsible forholding intercluster control information. The role of a clusterhead entails rights and duties.On the one hand, it has a dominant position in front of the others because it manages theconnectivity and has access to other node¿s sensitive information. But on the other hand, theclusterhead role also has some associated costs. Hence, in order to prevent malicious nodesfrom taking control of the group in a fraudulent way and avoid selfish attacks from suitablenodes, the clusterhead needs to be elected in a secure way. In this paper we present a novelsolution that guarantees the clusterhead is elected in a cheat-proof manner.
leader election
ad hoc networks
elección de líder
tria de líder
redes ad-hoc
xarxes ad-hoc
Wireless Personal Communications

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