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A Game to Promote Understanding about UCD Methods and Process
Garreta Domingo, Muriel; Almirall Hill, Magí; Mor Pera, Enric
The User-centered design (UCD) game is a tool forhuman-computer interaction practitioners to demonstrate the key user-centered design methodsand how they interrelate in the design process in an interactive and participatory manner. The target audiences are departments and institutions unfamiliar with UCD but whose work is related to the definition, creation, and update of a product or service.
Human-computer interaction
Distance education -- Software
Educational technology
Juegos de ordenador
Educational games
Interacció persona-ordinador
Ensenyament a distància -- Programari
Tecnologia educativa
Jocs per ordinador
Jocs educatius
Interacción hombre-ordenador
Enseñanza a distancia -- Software
Tecnología educativa
Computer games
Juegos educativos
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Garreta Domingo, Muriel; Almirall Hill, Magí; Mor Pera, Enric
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