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LMS y web 2.0 una relación simbiótica en las aulas universitarias. Diseño e integración de actividades pedagógicas 2.0 en una plataforma Blackboard
Rodera Bermúdez, Ana María; Barberà Gregori, Elena
In this paper we make a thorough description of each of the three tests of continuous assessment(PECs) developed in the Master of Computer Science at the University of Alcalá de Henares(UAH). These have been mediated by five social network technology tools; Glogster, Twitter,Twtpoll, Slideshare and CmapTools which combine with the LMS used for the course.We present the results from each of the previous tests where we observe that after the initialdislocation of the students, the reactions are positive about the integration of different web 2.0 toolsin the process of formal education.It also states the conclusions of our work, where we show a series of aims to be considered inorder to foster a good relationship and use both learning management systems (LMSs) and 2.0resources within the educational process.We finally point out the future proposals emerging from the work done and to be done? aiming atinnovation. This innovation involves taking responsibility and continues working on possiblepedagogical models that cross the barriers of traditional LMSs, ignoring the reality of the 2.0moment.
Continuous assessment activities
web 2.0
instructional design

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