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Mutual feedback in e-portfolio assessment : an approach to the netfolio system
Barberà Gregori, Elena
Distance school and university education. EDUS; Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. eLearn Center
This paper presents an alternative application of e-portfolio in a university student assessment context. A concept based on student collaboration (called netfolio) is developed, that differs from the classical e-portfolio concept. The use of a netfolio, a network of student e-portfolios, in a virtual classroom is explained through an exploratory study. A netfolio is more than a group of e-portfolios because it offers students a better understanding of learning objectives and promotes self-revision through participation in assessment of other students¿ learning, as indicated through their portfolios. Class studente-portfolios are interconnected in a unique netfolio such that each student assesses their peers¿ work and at the same time is being assessed. This process creates a chain of co-evaluators, facilitating a mutual and progressive improvement process. Results about teachers¿ and students¿ mutual feedback are presented and the benefits of the process in terms of academic achievements are analysed.
Portfolios in education
Distance education
Internet in higher education
Group work in education
Educational technology
Web-based instruction
Portafolis en educació
Ensenyament a distància
Internet en l'ensenyament universitari
Treball en equip
Tecnologia educativa
Ensenyament virtual
Portafolios en educación
Enseñanza a distancia
Internet en la enseñanza superior
Trabajo en equipo
Tecnología educativa
Enseñanza virtual
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