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The state's response to the Catalan question : an emerging ethnic component in contemporary Spanish nationalism?
Serrano Balaguer, Ivan
E-Governance: electronic administration and democracy. GADE
The paper is divided into three parts. First, I present a critical approach to Kohn¿s distinctionbetween civic and ethnic nationalism where I also emphasize the competitive character of nationalism. Second, I present the different conceptions of Spain and Catalonia held bycontemporary Spanish and Catalan nationalism, particularly since the Catalan parliament startedthe process to reform the Charter of Autonomy of 1979. Third, I present a range of responsesfrom Spanish nationalism in this period, where some elements can be interpreted as a modernversion of ethnicity.
Nationalism -- Spain
Nationalism -- Catalonia (Spain)
Internet -- Political aspects
Political participation -- Catalonia (Spain)
Group identity -- Catalonia (Spain)
Nacionalisme -- Espanya
Nacionalisme -- Catalunya
Internet -- Aspectes polítics
Participació política -- Catalunya
Identitat col·lectiva -- Catalunya
Nacionalismo -- España
Nacionalismo -- Cataluña
Internet -- Aspectos políticos
Participación política -- Cataluña
Identidad colectiva -- Cataluña
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