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VariScan Software
Vilella Bertran, Albert; Blanco-García, Angel; Hutter, Stephan; Rozas Liras, Julio A.
VariScan is a software package for the analysis of DNA sequence polymorphisms at the whole genome scale. Among other features, the software:(1) can conduct many population genetic analyses; (2) incorporates a multiresolution wavelet transform-based method that allows capturing relevant information from DNA polymorphism data; and (3) it facilitates the visualization of the results in the most commonly used genome browsers.
Linux / Mac OS X : The package includes executables for linux (variscan) and Mac OS X (variscan). For other Unix-based platforms you will have to compile it from the source files included in the VariScan package. Windows: The package includes (src directory), the source code, the project ( and makefile ( files to be used, for instance, for the Dev-C++ (a free Integrated Development Environment for the C/C++ programming language)
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Polimorfisme genètic
Genetic polymorphisms
Computer software
GPL (c) Vilella Bertran et al., 2010
memòria: cc-by-sa (c) Vilella Bertran et al., 2010

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