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A fully immersive set-up for remote interaction and neurorehabilitation based on virtual body ownership
Pérez Marcos, Daniel; Solazzi, Massimiliano; Steptoe, William; Oyekoya, Oyewole; Frisoli, Antonio; Weyrich, Tim; Steed, Anthony; Tecchia, Franco; Slater, Mel; Sánchez-Vives, María Victoria
Universitat de Barcelona
Although telerehabilitation Systems represent one of the most technologically appealing clinical solutions fort the immediate future, they still present limitations that prevent their standardization. Here we propose an integrated approach that includes three key and novel factors: (a) fully immersive virtual environments, including virtual body representation and ownership; (b) multimodal interaction with remote people and virtual objects including haptic interaction; and (c) a physical representation of the patient at the hospital through embodiment agents (e.g., as a physical robot). The importance of secure and rapid communication betweent the nodes is also stressed and an exemple implemented solutionis described. Finally, we discuss the proposed approach with reference to the existint literatura and systems.
Realitat virtual
Simulació per ordinador
Percepció visual
Interacció persona-ordinador
Virtual reality
Computer simulation
Visual perception
Human-computer interaction
cc-by (c) Pérez Marcos, D. et al., 2012
Frontiers Media

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