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Decision making techniques with similarity measures and OWA operators
Gil Lafuente, Anna Maria; Merigó Lindahl, José M.
We analyse the use of the ordered weighted average (OWA) in decision-making giving special attention to business and economic decision-making problems. We present several aggregation techniques that are very useful for decision-making such as the Hamming distance, the adequacy coefficient and the index of maximum and minimum level. We suggest a new approach by using immediate weights, that is, by using the weighted average and the OWA operator in the same formulation. We further generalize them by using generalized and quasi-arithmetic means. We also analyse the applicability of the OWA operator in business and economics and we see that we can use it instead of the weighted average. We end the paper with an application in a business multi-person decision-making problem regarding production management
Presa de decisions (Estadística)
Teoria d'operadors
Direcció d'empreses
Lògica matemàtica
Statistical decision
Operator theory
Industrial management
Mathematical logic
cc-by-nc-nd (c) Gil Lafuente, Anna Maria et al., 2012
Institut d'Estadística de Catalunya

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