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Estudi comparatiu per ala millora dels resultatsdels traductorsautomàtics de l’empresaAutomaticTrans
Bros Pérez, Gerard
Aquest treball pretén millorar els resultats dels traductors automàtics de l’empresa AutomaticTrans i la traducció a l’agència de notícies EuropaPress mitjançant la comparació d’un corpus de notícies en castellà amb la corresponent traducció al català per dos traductors automàtics: l’ATS1, utilitzat per EuropaPress, i l’ATS4, l’última versió del traductor
Rule-based machine translation (MT) tools are nowadays widely used in press translation fromSpanish into Catalan due to the precise results that can be obtained between these two languages.However, daily observation of the direct translations obtained through the AutomaticTrans MTtools at the press agency Europa Press shows that these tools need constant improvement and latercorrection and proofread in order to avoid common interferences at the final texts. The mainpurpose of this paper is to optimize AutomaticTrans MT results trough an exhaustive comparativeanalysis of several linguistic phenomenon obtained from a corpus formed by original texts inSpanish that have been translated into Catalan by two different AutomaticTrans MT versions: theoldest (ATS1) and the latest (ATS4). The comparison of these texts and their evaluation accordingto high language standards displays that, despite ATS4 introduces several progresses through morecomplex syntactic rules and improved equivalences and dictionaries, not all the problems found inthe ATS1 translations have been resolved. On the contrary, regarding some of the cases studied,ATS4 worsens the results successfully translated by ATS1. The final contribution of this paper is tobe seen through its application in the form of syntactic rules and equivalences for theAutomaticTrans MT tools and meticulous search of specific problems in new corpuses
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