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Estudi terminològic i proposta neològica sobre la gastronomia catalana: Les postres catalanes
Vilà Duch, Laia
És un estudi sobre el funcionament de la terminologia, en les llengües catalanes i anglesa, sobre un camp semàntic concret que no ofereix gaires equivalents cap a la llengua anglesa: la gastronomia, més en concret, les postres catalanes. Havent-hi aquest buit terminològic, també hi consta una sèrie de propostes neològiques
Specialized translation needs the help from terminology. Terminology pretends to studyevery specialized subject that is not covered by some specific languages. Thanks toterminology, specialized communication is possible in a proper way, because behindeach term there is a long process of study. This paper pretends to study the currentnormalisation process that terminologists and sometimes translators do when a subjectneeds to be covered. The object of study of this process is the Catalan gastronomy,which will be translated into English, because it is known by some studies that Britishpeople are interested on sweets and chocolates and that the United Kingdom is thesecond European country consuming more sweets per person and per year. Following alineal and accumulative process of documentation and analysis, this paper has all thenecessary information to create equivalent terms from the most popular desserts. Afterneologisms creation, news terms need to be proved that are the appropriate termsthrough a sociolinguistic study where people will relate new terms to its photography.The results of this study are quite positive and it can be seen that the word-formationhas been successfully made because almost every term has been understood by its newdenomination. This paper shows that a translator can be a terminologist with the properdocumentation and study of a subject. Thanks to this paper it also seen that any subjectcan be a specialized subject and every specialized subject needs its terminology in orderto achieve the proper communication among cultures.
Gastronomia -- Terminologia
Català -- Traducció a l'anglès
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