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Roumanian childhood and adolescence in transnational migrations
Heras i Trias, Pilar; Fabra Fres, Núria; Gil Pasamontes, Esther; Martín Pujol, Anna; Llena Berñe, Asun
Universitat de Barcelona
This book offers the reader the study and the conclusions obtained from theresearch made in Spain in the frame of the JUST/2009/FRAC/AG/0933 project,“Children’s rights in action. Improving children’s rights in migration acrossEurope. The Romanian case”. A project funded by the Department of FundamentalRights and Citizenship of the European Commission. This research wascarried out in Spain, Italy and Romania between October 2010 and June 2012,performing activities to spread the results obtained until March 2013.
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European Comission Fundamental Rigths and Citizenship Programme US/2009/FRAC/AG/0933
Infants immigrants
Immigrant children
cc-by-nc (c) Heras i Trias et al., 2013
Fundación Instituto de Reinserció Social-IReS y Universitat de Barcelona

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