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Behind and beyond of the cyborgs and robots ideas and realities: some techno-scientific and philosophical hints
Mestres i Naval, Francesc; Vives-Rego, José
Universitat de Barcelona
We are progressively immersed in technology to such extend that in our everyday life we are and we do what technology allows us to be and to do. In this process, cyborgs and robots constitute elements that we analyze from a number of techno scientific and philosophical approaches. Additionally, we propose that a new concept: GEH (Genetic Engineered Human) as a new potential social imaginary element, which would be the human being improved by the broad-sense genetics engineer (that is, changing many genes by genetics engineer, modifications in the genome, cloning, and so on). If our aspirations as humans pass through technology and in particular for cyborgs, robots and GEH, the bidirectional links between these theoretical or real entities and our personal identities will be the more and more substantial in our society.
Evolució humana
Human evolution
cc-by-nc (c) Mestres i Naval, Francesc et al., 2013
Grupo Compostela de Estudios sobre Imaginarios Sociales (GCEIS)

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