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Spatial variability of tree hight at treeline ecotones in the Pyrenees.
Camarero Martínez, Jesús Julio; Gutiérrez Merino, Emilia
Universitat de Barcelona
We describe the spatial distribution of tree height of Pinus uncinata at two undisturbed altitudinal treeline ecotones in the southern Pyrenees (Ordesa, O, and Tessó, T). At each site, a rectangular plot (30 x 140 m) was located with its longest side parallel to the slope and encompassing treeline and timberline. At site O, height increased abruptly going downslope with a high spatial autocorrelation at short distances. In contrast, the changes of tree height across the ecotone at site T were gradual, and tree height was less spatially autocorrelated. These results can be explained by the greater importance of wind and snow avalanches at sites O and T, respectively.
Flora alpina
Mountain plants
cc-by-nc (c) Camarero Martínez, Jesús Julio et al., 2001
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

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