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Detecció de problemes terminològics en la traducció del català a l’anglès de cartes i menús de diferents restaurants
González Piera, Alba
Aquest treball ens endinsa en la terminologia culinària i en les dificultats que sorgeixen en la transferència d'elements culturals. A través de l'anàlisi de cartes i menús, s'exposen els onze elements més rellevants que permeten reflexionar sobre la manca de dades que proporcionin solucions o orientacions en el procés traductològic.
One aspect of translation that has scarcely been studied is the culinary terminology and the difficulties that emerge when trying to transfer intrinsic cultural items from one language into others. Despite some gastronomic dictionaries offer translation options, there is not a considerable amount of data that provides helpful information on how to transfer the information, to solve the problems and to choose the ‘best solutions’. In this project, I expose the eleven most relevant aspects that I consider necessary to take into consideration when translating. Through an analysis of the cartes and menus from a selection of the best Spanish restaurants—holding at least one Michelin star—, I detected and extracted the translation errors, the diversity of strategies and techniques to solve the cultural problems, and the variety of solutions adopted. In addition, I compared the different strategies among the restaurants and I evaluated these strategies thus verifying whether they accomplished their objective of proximity to the target client. This project does not present final results that show definitive solutions either a single way of transferring cultural information when translating, but it rather presents some terminology aspects—like the international importance of French in the gastronomic field—and exposes other translating possibilities. For instance, when dealing with the choice between the exoticism that provides a borrowed term or the naturalization. Finally, I must say that this work is open to further research, given that I just selected some of the aspects I considered were more repetitive and thus in my opinion were more relevant.
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