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Coloquialismo y humor en South Park: análisis del doblaje al español
Martín Martín, Álvaro
Este trabajo es un estudio sobre la traducción del coloquialismo y el humor en productos audiovisuales. Tomando como referencia el doblaje al español de South Park, se analizan algunos errores habituales en obras similares y se plantean estrategias de traducción efectivas, tanto a nivel textual como oracional.
Humour and colloquial language are overwhelmingly present in audiovisual products, but they are seldom translated properly. Most translators deal with these aspects of language through conventional approaches (literalness, neutralization), which renders their translations flat or incomprehensible. This paper aims to show the most common difficulties involved in the translation of humour and colloquial language, and how these can be effectively solved. Through the analysis of an episode from the American sitcom South Park dubbed in Spanish, I provide strategies and recommendations for the dubbing of comedy series and films, some of which can also be applied to other areas of translation. Furthermore, I identify some serious shortcomings of the Spanish dubbing of South Park and explain what effect they have on the final product. The methodology consisted in visualizing the original version, so as to get an impression of the colloquial and humorous aspects of the episode, and then observing the dubbed version to assess its effectiveness in both respects. Once I detected the most relevant issues, I classified them according to their typology, analyzed them in detail and suggested alternatives when deemed necessary. Although this paper is didactic in nature, it serves to draw conclusions about the dubbing of comedy series and films: translators need to consider more innovative approaches to colloquialism and humour, and the interpretation of characters needs to be much more accurate.
Audiovisuals -- Traducció
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