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Energy security of the Baltic States
Weyers, Till Jasper
Treball de Fi de Grau en Ciències Poítiques i de l'Administració. Curs 2012-2013
Tutora: Caterina García Segura
Energy security is an important topic on the world agenda and has augmented its importance since the term “peak oil” was coined. Energy security is a crucial issue for most countries but some are more dependent on foreign supply than others. Traditionally, the Baltic States have been dependent on Russia for much of their oil and gas supplies, which makes them vulnerable to political pressure. Therefore, energy security, that is ensuring sufficient supply and safe delivery and in this case reduce dependency on a single provider – Russia, entails a conspicuous foreign policy dimension. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have been described as /nenergy islands within the EU. This paper tries to answer the question if energy security of the Baltic States has improved since their accession to the EU in 2004. Additionally, it will analyse the prospects of energy security, noting that one of the Lithuanian aims during its European presidency in 2013 is to improve energy security of the Baltic States by fostering cooperation with EU member states.
Treball de fi de grau – Curs 2012-2013
Política energètica
Països bàltics
Política energètica - Unió Europea, Països de la
Política energètica - Russia
Rússia (RSFSR)
Política energètica - Països bàltics
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