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Mobile robot experimental modeling and control strategies using sensor fusion
Pacheco Valls, Lluís; Luo, Ningsu
Mobile robots -- Control systems
Robots mòbils -- Sistemes de control
Control predictiu
Predictive control
Visió artificial (Robòtica)
Robot vision
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Romanian Society of Control Engineering and Technical Informatics

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Pacheco Valls, Lluís; Cufí Solé, Xavier; Luo, Ningsu; Cobos Gutiérrez, Francisco Javier
Pacheco Valls, Lluís; Cufí Solé, Xavier; Luo, Ningsu; Ferrer Mallorquí, Inès; Batlle i Grabulosa, Joan
Pacheco Valls, Lluís; Luo, Ningsu; Cufí Solé, Xavier; Cobos Gutiérrez, Francisco Javier