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Multivalent display of the antimicrobial peptides BP100 and BP143
Güell Costa, Imma; Ferre Malagon, Rafael; Sørensen, Kasper K.; Badosa Romañó, Esther; Ng-Choi, Iteng; Montesinos Seguí, Emilio; Bardají Rodríguez, Eduard; Feliu Soley, Lídia; Jensen, Knud J.; Planas i Grabuleda, Marta
Carbohydrates are considered as promising templates for the display of multiple copies of antimicrobial peptides. Herein, wedescribe the design and synthesis of chimeric structures containing two or four copies of the antimicrobial peptidesKKLFKKILKYL-NH2 (BP100) and KKLfKKILKYL-NH2 (BP143) attached to the carbohydrate template cyclodithioerythritol(cDTE) or α-D-galactopyranoside (Galp). The synthesis involved the preparation of the corresponding peptide aldehyde followedby coupling to an aminooxy-functionalized carbohydrate template. After purification, the multivalent display systems were obtainedin high purities (90–98%) and in good yields (42–64%). These compounds were tested against plant and human pathogenic bacteriaand screened for their cytotoxicity on eukaryotic cells. They showed lower MIC values than the parent peptides against the bacteriaanalyzed. In particular, the carbopeptides derived from cDTE and Galp, which contained two or four copies of BP100, respectively,were 2- to 8-fold more active than the monomeric peptide against the phytopathogenic bacteria. These results suggest thatpreassembling antimicrobial peptides to multimeric structures is not always associated with a significant improvement of theactivity. In contrast, the carbopeptides synthesized were active against human red blood cells pointing out that peptide preassemblyis critical for the hemolytic activity. Notably, peptide preassembly resulted in an enhanced bactericidal effect
Pèptids -- Síntesi
Antibiòtics pèptids
Peptides -- Synthesis
Peptide antibiotics
Attribution 3.0 Spain

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