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Trinocular System for 3D motion and Dense Stucture Estimation
Campos Dausà, Ricard; Ferrer Vila, Jordi; Villanueva Canalda, Miquel; Magí Carceller, Lluís; García Campos, Rafael
The relief of the seafloor is an important source of data for many scientists. In this paper we present an optical system to deal with underwater 3D reconstruction. This system is formed by three cameras that take images synchronously in a constant frame rate scheme. We use the images taken by these cameras to compute dense 3D reconstructions. We use Bundle Adjustment to estimate the motion of the trinocular rig. Given the path followed by the system, we get a dense map of the observed scene by registering the different dense local reconstructions in a unique and bigger one
Imatgeria tridimensional
Three-dimensional imaging
Visió per ordinador
Computer vision
Visualització tridimensional (Informàtica)
Three-dimensional display systems
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Spain
SARTI (Technological Development Centre of Remote Acquisition and Data processing Systems)

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