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Detailed mechanical design of the LIPAc beam dump radiological shielding
Nomen Escoda, Oriol; Mollá, Joaquin; Sanmartí, Manel; Martínez, José I.; Arranz, Fernando; Iglesias, Daniel; Barrera, German; Brañas, Beatriz; Ogando, Francisco
The LIPAc is a 9 MeV, D+ linear prototype accelerator for the validation of the IFMIF accelerator design. The high intensity, 125 mA CW beam is stopped in a copper cone involving a high production of neutrons and gamma radiation and activation of its surface. The beam stopper is surrounded by a shielding to attenuate the resulting radiation so that dose rate values comply with the limits at the different zones of the installation. The shielding includes for that purpose polyethylene rings, water tanks and gray cast iron rings. A lead shutter has also been designed to shield the gamma radiation that comes through the beam tube when the linear accelerator is not in operation, in order to allow access inside the building for maintenance tasks. The present work summarizes the detailed mechanical design of the beam dump shielding and the lead shutter taking into account the design constraints, such as working conditions and other external loads, as well as including provisions for dismantling.
Peer Reviewed
Àrees temàtiques de la UPC::Física::Física de partícules
Linear accelerator -- Mechanical design
Linear accelerator
Mechanical design
Acceleradors de partícules -- Projectes i construcció

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