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New technologies and nursing: use and perception of primary healthcare nurses about electronic health record in Catalonia, Spain
Galimany Masclans, Jordi; Garrido Aguilar, Eva; Girbau i García, M. Rosa; Lluch Canut, Ma. Teresa; Fabrellas i Padrès, Núria
Universitat de Barcelona
This study was aimed to analyze and assess the use and perception of electronic health records (EHRs) by nurses. The study sample included 113 nurses from different shifts of primary health facilities in Catalonia, Spain, devoted to adult as well as pediatric outpatients using EHRs throughout the year 2010. A majority of the sample (87.5%) were women and 12.5% were men. The average age was 44.27 years and the average time working in primary healthcare was 47.15 months. A majority (80.4%) received specific training on the use of the EHR and 19.6% did not. The use of the application required side technical support (mean: 3.42) and it is considered necessary to learn more about the performance of the application (mean: 3.50). The relationship between the average ratings that nurses have about the EHR and age shows that there is no statistically significant linear relationship (r = - 0.002, p-value = 0.984). As to how long they have used the EHRs, there are significant differences (r= -0.304, p-value = 0.00), so the more time the nurse takes using the EHR, the greater degree of satisfaction is shown. In addition, there are significant differences between nurses" perceptions regarding the EHR and gender (t = - 0.421, p-value = 0.675). Nurses assessed as positive the contribution of the EHRs in their nursing care day work (average score: 2.55/5). Considering that the usability of the EHR device is assessed as satisfactory, the results of the perception of nurses show that we must also take into account the training and emphasize the need for a side technical support in the implementation process of the EHR. Doing so, the positive perception that nurses have in regard to information and communication technology in general and with respect to the EHR in particular may be increased.
Tecnologia de la informació
Registres d'infermeria
Informàtica mèdica
Information technology
Nursing records
Medical informatics
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Galimany Masclans, Jordi; Garrido Aguilar, Eva María; Girbau i García, M. Rosa; Lluch Canut, Ma. Teresa; Fabrellas i Padrès, Núria
Girbau i García, M. Rosa; Galimany Masclans, Jordi; Garrido Aguilar, Eva