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Remote collaborative multi-user informal learning experiences: design and evaluation
Arroyo, Ernesto; Righi, Valeria; Tarrago, Roger; Santos, Patricia; Hernández Leo, Davinia; Blat, Josep
This paper presents a customizable system used to develop a collaborative multi-user problem solving game. It addresses the increasing demand for appealing informal learning experiences in museum-like settings. The system facilitates remote collaboration by allowing groups of learners tocommunicate through a videoconferencing system and by allowing them to simultaneously interact through a shared multi-touch interactive surface. A user study with 20 user groups indicates that the game facilitates collaboration between local and remote groups of learners. The videoconference and multitouch surface acted as communication channels, attracted students’ interest, facilitated engagement, and promoted inter- and intra-group collaboration—favoring intra-group collaboration. Our findings suggest that augmentingvideoconferencing systems with a shared multitouch space offers newpossibilities and scenarios for remote collaborative environments and collaborative learning.
Aprenentatge -- Treball en equip
Ensenyament assistit per ordinador
Interacció persona-ordinador
Computer supported collaborative learning
Ubiquitous learning
Informal learning
Serious games
Social awareness
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