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Education as a mirror of Spanish society: challenges and policies towards multiple diversity
Zapata Barrero, Ricard
Universitat Pompeu Fabra
The ways in which the dominant cultural majority frames the educationalsystem determine perceptions of its own identity and understandings ofthe ‘other.’ In this article I take a political approach, by examining themanagement of cultural diversity within Spanish education policies, treating“education as the mirror of society”. This article analyzes Spanish challengesand policies approaches towards the management of immigrationrelated diversity in education. The main finding is that there is not one approach,but several, due to both the decentralized character of the educationsystem and the multiplicity of diversity that is at stake (i.e. language,religion, culture etc.)
Emigració i immigració -- Europa
Immigrants -- Educació -- Catalunya
Catalunya -- Emigració i immigració -- Aspectes socials
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