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Outage thresholds of LDPC codes over nonergodic block-fading channels
Andriyanova, Iryna; Biglieri, Ezio; Boutros, Joseph Jean
Universitat Pompeu Fabra
This paper derives approximations allowing the estimation of outage probability for standard irregular LDPC codes and full-diversity Root-LDPC codes used over nonergodic block-fading channels. Two separate approaches are discussed: a numerical approximation, obtained by curve fitting, for both code ensembles, and an analytical approximation for Root-LDPC codes, obtained under the assumption that the slope of the iterative threshold curve of a given code ensemble matches the slope of the outage capacity curve in the high-SNR regime.
Comunicació presentada en la 16th European Wireless Conference 2010 (EW '10), celebrada els dies 12, 13, 14 i 15 d’abril de 2010 a Lucca (Itàlia), organitzada per l’IMT Institute for Advanced Studies.
This work was supported by the European FP7 ICT-STREP DAVINCI project under contract INFSO-ICT-216203.
Comunicació sense fil, Sistemes de
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