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Definitional verbal patterns for semantic relation extraction
Bach, Carme; Sierra, Gerardo; Alarcón Martínez, Rodrigo; Aguilar, César
In this paper we present a description of the role of definitional verbal patterns for the extraction of semantic relations. Several studies show that semantic relations can be extracted from analytic definitions contained in machine-readable dictionaries (MRDs). In addition, definitions found in specialised texts are a good starting point to search for different types of definitions where other semantic relations occur. The extraction of definitional knowledge from specialised corpora represents another interesting approach for the extraction of semantic relations. Here, we present a descriptive analysis of definitional verbal patterns in Spanish and the first steps towards the development of a system for the automatic extraction of definitional knowledge.
Lingüística computacional
Tractament del llenguatge natural (Informàtica)
Definitional context
Definitional knowledge extraction
Definitional verbal patterns
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