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Self-Development of Competences for Social Inclusion Using the TENCompetence Infrastructure
Hernández Leo, Davinia; Louys, Amélie; Schoonenboom, Judith; Pérez Sanagustín, Maria del Mar; Lemmers, Ruud
This paper describes a pilot study centred on the technology-enhanced self-development of competences in lifelong learning education carried out in the challenging context of the Association of Participants Àgora. The pilot study shows that the use of the TENCompetence infrastructure, i.e. in this case the Personal Development Planner tool, provides various kinds of benefits for adult participants with low educational profiles and who are traditionally excluded from the use of innovative learning technologies and the knowledge society. The selforganized training supported by the PDP tool aims at allowing the learners to create and control their own learning plans based on their interests and educational background including informal and non-formal experiences. In this sense, the pilot participants had the opportunity to develop and improve their competences in English language (basic and advanced levels) and ICT competence profiles which are mostly related to functional and communicative skills. Besides, the use of the PDP functionalities, such as the self-assessment, the planning and the self-regulating elements allowed the participants to develop reflective skills. Pilot results also provide indications for future developments in the field of technology support for self-organized learners. The paper introduces the context and the pilot scenario, indicates the evaluation methodology applied and discusses the most significant findings derived from the pilot study.
Tecnologia -- Innovacions -- Ensenyament
Educació permanent
Integració social
Educació no-formal
Lifelong competence development
Self-organized learning
Non-formal learning
Social inclusion
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