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Signatures of selection in the human olfactory receptor OR5I1 gene
Moreno Estrada, Andrés
Casals, Ferran; Bosch Fusté, Elena; Bertranpetit, Jaume; Calafell, Francesc; Oliva, Baldomero; Ramírez Soriano, Anna
The human olfactory receptor repertoire is reduced in comparison to other mammalsand to other non-human primates. Nonetheless, this olfactory decline opens an opportunity forevolutionary innovation and improvement. In the present study, we focus on an olfactoryreceptor gene, OR5I1, which had previously been shown to present an excess of amino acidreplacement substitutions between humans and chimpanzees. We analyze the geneticvariation in OR5I1 in a large worldwide human panel and find an excess of derived allelessegregating at relatively high frequencies in all populations. Additional evidence for selectionincludes departures from neutrality in allele frequency spectra tests but no unusually extendedhaplotype structure. Moreover, molecular structural inference suggests that one of thenonsynonymous polymorphisms defining the presumably adaptive protein form of OR5I1may alter the functional binding properties of the olfactory receptor. These results arecompatible with positive selection having modeled the pattern of variation found in the OR5I1gene and with a relatively ancient, mild selective sweep predating the “Out of Africa”expansion of modern humans.
Selecció natural
Genètica humana -- Variació
Olfactory receptors
Single nucleotide polymorphisms
Human variation
Positive selection
(c) Oxford University Press.
Oxford University Press

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