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Contreras, Ruth S. (Ruth Sofhía); García Medina, Irene; González Romo, Zahaira Fabiola; Massana Molera, Eulàlia; Navarro Güere, Héctor
Navarro Güere, Héctor; Foglia, Efraín; Contreras, Ruth S. (Ruth Sofhía); Mateos Rusillo, Santos M. (Santos Miguel); Gifreu Castells, Arnau; Massana Molera, Eulàlia; García Medina, Irene; Molina García, Míriam; Roman Coy, David; Pereira Correia, Pedro Álvaro; Aguado, Juan Miguel; Balboni, Gian Paolo; Hildebrand, Hermes Renato; Eguía, José Luis; Farias Coelho, Patrícia Margarida; Liussi Depaoli, Armando
Navarro Güere, Héctor; Contreras, Ruth S. (Ruth Sofhía); García Medina, Irene; Massana Molera, Eulàlia; González Romo, Zahaira Fabiola

The University has been actively developing its research and knowledge transfer activities since it was founded in 1997. Year on year more research is carried out, as a result of the priority given to this area by the university leadership and carrying out two research development plans, whose aim is to bring UVic research and knowledge transfer achievement up to a level where we can compete with other similar universities.

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