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Reflexiones sobre los cyborgs y los robots: evolucion humana y aumentacion
Mestres i Naval, Francesc; Vives-Rego, José
Universitat de Barcelona
The human being has changed in time due to both, biological and cultural evolution. In a first step, biological evolution was the cornerstone of the changes in our species. However, cultural evolution was also a key element producing adaptations that allowed the evolution of modern human being. These adaptations include aspects as different as clothing, tools, reading and writing, calculation and some forms of rudimentary prosthesis. Technoscience has enhanced these adaptations that conduce to the concept of broad-sense cyborg. Present human society includes a huge proportion of these latter individuals. In this article we discuss this reality and the future of our society based on the interconnections between humans, cyborgs and robots.
Evolució humana
Human evolution
(c) Mestres i Naval, Francesc et al., 2012
Centro de Estudios Filosóficos, Políticos y Sociales Vicente Lombardo Toledano

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