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Resiliencia y persistencia académica en estudiantes inmigrantes
Sandín Esteban, Ma. Paz; Sánchez Martí, Angelina
Universitat de Barcelona
This article presents some of the results of a research project whose main objective was to analyse the relationship between resilience and school success of students of foreign origin at a time of special academic vulnerability: the transition from compulsory secondary education (ESO) to post-compulsory education (PO). By non-probabilistic-incidental sampling, the study was conducted in four schools of Barcelona and province, with 94 participants from 15 to 18 years old. This research of a longitudinal design had five phases combining strategies to collect qualitative and quantitative data. The results presented here are the result of the SV-RES adapted scale and two other self-produced tools
a center scale and a general questionnaire. The results obtained have confirmed the fulfilment of the hypothesis: immigrant students who manage to persevere in post-compulsory stages (Spanish Baccalaureate and/or Vocational Training) show higher levels of resilience.
Resiliència (Tret de la personalitat)
Rendiment acadèmic
Emigració i immigració
Educació secundària
Resilience (Personality trait)
Academic achievement
Emigration and immigration
Secondary education
cc-by-nc-nd (c) OrganizacióndelosEstadosIberoamericanosparalaEducación,laCienciaylaCultura, 2013
Organizacio?n de los Estados Iberoamericanos para la Educacio?n, la Ciencia y la Cultura

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Sandín Esteban, Ma. Paz; Sánchez Martí, Angelina; Cano Hila, Ana Belén; Ruiz Bueno, Antonio, 1958-; Torrent Oliva, Ignasi
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