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Non-formal education, overeducation and wages
Nieto, Sandra; Ramos Lobo, Raúl
Universitat de Barcelona
Why do overeducated workers participate in non-formal education activities? Do not they suffer from an excess of education? Using microdata from the Spanish sample of the 2007 Adult Education Survey, we have found that overeducated workers participate more than the rest in non-formal education and that they earn higher wages than overeducated workers who did not participate. This result can be interpreted as evidence that non-formal education allows overeducated workers to acquire new abilities that improve their competence at the job they perform. From this point of view, our results support the European Commission"s view on the need to reinforce lifelong learning among adult population.
Educació no-formal
Rendiment acadèmic
Non-formal education
Academic achievement
(c) Nieto, Sandra et al., 2013
Universidad de Zaragoza

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